Directory of Community Groups

Here you will find details of some of the community groups in the Berringa Peninsula, and how you can contact them.

Community Groups

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Bethanga Art in the Afternoons

Bethanga Art in the Afternoons is a place for people to connect and make art. To say the last few years have been “a bit hard” is really underselling things. We have seen devastating fires that left communities shaken and in need of a shoulder to lean on; a shoulder that was very swiftly taken away by a global pandemic that still has most of us wondering if we are actually dreaming this whole thing or not. I don’t know about anyone else, but I felt a need to connect to others and a need to escape to somewhere else. For me that has always been through creating things. It turns out someone else here felt the same. Felicity, the wonderful owner of our post office, also felt a desire to create community and make art. So we started Bethanga Art in the Afternoons.

My background is in studying what makes people happy, and I know through years of research that connecting with others and making things with your own two hands is incredibly good for your well-being. These gatherings aren’t about comparison or being good at art. They are about being around others (when restrictions allow) and getting lost in the act of doing something with your hands. It’s also about escaping real life for a few hours.

Being new to the area, I have meet some really amazing people at our gatherings, and we have had a great time creating. We even had the opportunity to do a workshop with a professional artist. It doesn’t matter what type of art you want to make, or if you are a professional or a total new-comer. It doesn’t even matter what medium you use. We have even had the pleasure of seeing some quilting in action during our gatherings. Like Picasso said "The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls" and we are all feeling a little dusty lately. Come and join us.

We usually meet at the end of the month on a Saturday afternoon. You can follow up-dates on our Facebook group page ( or drop in and see Felicity at the Post Office.

Talgarno Tennis Club

Our club is located on the banks of Lake Hume in North East Victoria. Our club provides coaching for juniors, allows locals access to our courts for social tennis and we run a fast four competition for all abilities on Thursday evenings. We field junior and senior teams in the Kiewa & Talgarno District Tennis Association for Saturday competition against clubs around the North East. No matter your tennis ability, we welcome all players to our club to enjoy the great game of tennis! Email us at or visit our webpage

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